Neon sweetcorn blob fly

Trout Flies.

Trout Flies.

Trout flies available at the best bargain prices.

Large selection of classic and modern fly patterns in stock.

Made using the finest quality fly tying materials and quality fishing hooks.

There are many different types of fly patterns to choose from nowadays and new trout fly patterns are constantly emerging.

Many trout anglers across the country have experienced that feeling when you need to try a variety of flies during your days fishing only to find that your short of choices.

If you carry a large selection of different types of fly patterns you can be sure that you have a much greater chance of success.

Fly patterns available include wet flies, dry flies, lure flies, buzzer flies and nymph flies.

The flies are available in different size hooks, barbed and de-barbed.

Barbed hooks enable the trout angler a greater chance of keeping the trout on the line.

If your intentions are put the trout you catch onto the dinner table then a barbed hook is certainly acceptable.

Many trout anglers may want to return the fish back to the water causing the least possible stress and injury to the fish. In this case a de-barbed hook is always the best solution.





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