Soldier Palmer Wet Fly


Barbed hook size 10

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Soldier palmer wet fly

Soldier palmer wet fly, well known and a favourite fly to all trout anglers.

The soldier palmer is a classic icon of trout flies and.

Tied on to a size 10 hook.

it can be used on its own as a single fly on the leader and also as a dropper.

Wet flies catch trout at the sub-surface. There are many wet fly patterns available for use nowadays.

The wet fly imitates a nymph or fry struggling to reach the surface and they also imitate dead or drowning insects.

Wet flies commonly have soft hackles which provides movement in the water and attracts the trout.

You can use one wet fly on its own or a number of flies using droppers tied to the leader. Wet flies tend to sink quickly. You can try a slow figure of 8 retrieve or a faster retrieve depending on the mood of the trout.

There are many more trout fly patterns available today then in the past. Lots of new patterns emerge all the time. It is always a good idea to have a good selection of them inside your fly box.

As we have all learned over the years, trout fishing can sometimes prove very challenging, much depends on the weather conditions and the feeding habits of the trout on the day.

The more fly types you have the better chance of catching fish.

We have a large selection of trout fishing flies in stock. Our trout fly collection includes buzzers, dry flies, lures, nymphs and wet flies.

The trout flies are all expertly tied using high quality fly tying materials.





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