Olive Klinkhammer Dry Fly


Barbed hook size 12

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Olive Klinkhammer Dry Fly.

Olive klinkhammer dry fly. Low priced olive klinkhammer trout flies.

Size 12 fishing hook.

Try not to make a splash on the water when casting your fishing line. A tug on the line before it lands will help straighten the leader. Lighter line weight are important when dry fly fishing.

Casting in front of a moving trout may produce a take. A fly floatant is available which will help keep the dry fly floating on the surface. Most fly fishermen only use the one fly.

The retrieve often depends on the weather conditions. A flat calm water may be better to fish the fly were ever you may see natural fly life movement.

A small tug on the leader now and then may help. In more windier conditions the fly can be moved more to attract the trout. You could find out what the fish are taking by using a trout spoon.

Overhanging trees and bushes may show signs of natural fly life on the water.You could cast your dry fly among them which may provide a result.

As we have all learned over the years, trout fishing can sometimes prove very challenging, much depends on the weather conditions and the feeding habits of the trout on the day. A good selection of trout flies will certainly give you a chance of success.

We are a UK supplier of trout flies. We have a large selection of trout fishing flies in stock.Our trout fly collection includes buzzers, dry flies, lures, nymphs and wet flies.

The trout flies are all expertly tied using high quality fly tying materials, therefore giving much more resemblance to the real fly.

You will find that using s dry fly will certainly give you a great feeling of excitement when the trout takes the fly. Once you experience that feeling you will be hooked yourself.





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