Gold Holo Diawl Bach Nymph Fly


Barbed hook size 10

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Gold Holo Diawl Bach Nymph Fly

Gold holo diawl bach nymph fly. Barbed hook size 10.

Nymph flies are an essential source of food for the trout. They live within the rocks and stones within the water and will swim in the open when they are emerging and rising to the surface.

It is good practice to match the nymph fly to the type of food which the trout is feeding on although a different colour may also draw some attention from the trout.

Nymph trout flies closely resemble a real nymph while others may have a different colour and may appear almost like a lure but will also have the same colour and movement of a nymph.

The nymph is slow moving and a slow retrieve may be the best method to use although a fast movement now and then also may have some success.

Using a trout spoon may help you decide which fly to use.

A long leader is the recommended method for this type of fly.

A lot depends on the weather conditions and the feeding habits of the trout on the day.

You should always carry a good selection of trout flies with you.

We have a large selection of trout fishing flies in stock. Our trout fly collection includes buzzers, dry flies, lures, nymphs and wet flies.

The trout flies are all expertly tied using high quality fly tying materials.





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