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Olive Booby Hopper Dry Fly. Trout Flies.

Olive Booby Hopper Dry Fly

Olive Booby Hopper Dry Fly. Trout Flies.

Olive Booby Hopper Dry Fly. Trout fishing flies.

Low priced U.K trout fishing flies.
We sell top quality trout fishing flies at low prices.

Helpful hints on buzzer fly trout fishing.

Buzzers are part of the trouts main diet. You can use the buzzer type of trout flies all year round.
They tend to be smaller in the colder months of the year and increase in size as the weather gets warmer.
You can use them as a team of 3 flies on the leader.

You may find they are very effective when drifting on the water in the ripples. They can give you good results when trout are rising and insects are hatching.
A slow figure of 8 retrieve tends to work well, although a quick twitch of the fly line now and then could also bring results.
As we have all learned over the years, trout fishing can sometimes prove very challenging, much depends on the weather conditions and the feeding habits of the trout on the day. A good selection of trout flies will certainly give you a chance of success.
We are a UK supplier of trout flies. We have a large selection of trout fishing flies in stock.
Our trout fly collection includes buzzers, dry flies, lures, nymphs and wet flies.




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