booby minky silver

Booby minky silver lure fly

Booby minky silver lure fly

Booby minky silver lure fly. Quality tied trout fly.

The lure fly is one of the most popular and easiest to use trout flies. They can be a successful trout fly all year round and will always catch trout. Lure flies are available in a vast range of bright and dark colours and also there are many different types of lure for you to choose from.
You may use the lure with a fast or slow retrieve with just the one fly on a leader and also as a top dropper with a range of other flies.

It is a good idea to vary the retrieve and try different colours to attract the trout. A bright colour lure fly will be easier for the trout to see in murky waters.

You may fish the Lures at any depth and speed and they are very popular with all trout fishermen.
Trout fishing can sometimes prove very challenging, much depends on the weather conditions and the feeding habits of the trout on the day. A good selection of trout flies will certainly give you a chance of success.
We are a UK supplier of trout flies. We have a large selection of trout fishing flies in stock.
Our trout fly collection includes buzzers, dry flies, lures, nymphs and wet flies.
The trout flies are all expertly tied using high quality fly tying materials.

We provide top quality trout fishing flies at very competitive low prices.




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